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COVID-19 Preparedness


Stuart A. Rubin, MD PA COVID-19 Preparedness

Updated September 27, 2020

We take the risks associated with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously. As such we continue to maintain a number of policies and procedures at our clinic to best protect and support our patients and staff, which are summarized below.

Telemedicine Appointments Available

Our telemedicine consultations are comprehensive evaluations that are formally documented and very similar to our in-office visits. Dr. Rubin is currently seeing about half of our patients via telemedicine. This helps maintain social distancing in our office and also allows high-risk patients to consult with the doctor while staying safe at home. Our staff can help determine whether you next visit should be telemedicine or in-person.

Telemedicine will remain mandatory for any patients who exhibit symptoms of coronavirus or who have been exposed to coronavirus in the past 2 weeks, or who have had a positive coronavirus test within the past 4 weeks.

Screening all Staff and Patients as they Enter Our Suite

In order to decrease the risk of spreading coronavirus at our clinic, on have implemented several targeted measures, which will remain in effect until further notice:

  1. Staff, patients, and others entering our clinic will be required to disinfect their hands with hand sanitizer upon arrival. Yes, we have plenty of hand sanitizer!

  2. Staff, patients, and others entering our clinic will be required to wear a mask at all times (unless instructed by a nurse or doctor to temporarily remove it for a physical exam or procedure).

  3. All patients, and anyone else entering our clinic, will have a mandatory temperature screening when they arrive. Individuals with a temperature exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit will be required to leave. In addition, everyone will be asked if they have a cough or are experiencing shortness of breath. Those who self-report or exhibit either of those symptoms will be required to leave. Patients who are asked to leave will be promptly contacted by phone or text to arrange a telehealth consultation with Dr. Rubin to replace their in-person appointment.

Increased Cleaning of High-Touch Surfaces

We have assigned increased cleaning duties to our staff in order to disinfect high-touch surfaces on a regular basis. For example, very frequently touched surfaces (e.g., the handles of the door to our suite and the top of our front desk) will be disinfected every hour.

Pain Management is Especially Important During the Pandemic

Did you know that chronic pain can compromise your immune system? Many people do not realize that pain is related to your body’s ability to fight off disease, but it is! We consider it our duty to continue to combat chronic pain to the best of our ability during the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is even a small chance that the pain relief we provide could help some of our patients better cope with the novel coronavirus, it is 100% worth it. Pain procedures are also much safer than alternatives such as narcotics or visiting a hospital emergency room due to pain (especially now, when a trip to the emergency room has a higher likelihood of exposing patients to the novel coronavirus).

Stay Informed!

In these days of social media and viral content, misinformation can be both plentiful and dangerous.  Be sure to get information about the novel coronavirus pandemic from reliable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization, Florida Department of Health.


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